Rose McCarver

Mechanical Engineering Major | Cal Poly SLO

Rose McCarver

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Rose McCarver

Expected Graduation: June 2021 | Cal Poly SLO

Computer Skills

For Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), I am versed in AutoCAD, Siemen’s NX, and SolidWorks. In the area of coding, I have been trained and am familiar with MATLAB and have experience with Python and Simulink. I am well versed in Adobe Programs: Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. I have strong familiarity with computers as well, in Microsoft Office and Windows Processing Systems.

Technical Skills

As a Student Shop Technician, I have gained an in-depth understanding of tooling concepts, machine terminology, problem-solving, and manufacturing machine use. I have a proven ability to meet deadlines and enjoy a fast-paced environment. Also, I am able to select GD&T, MMC, and datum tolerances to design cost effective parts, perform 2D engineering drawing analysis, bills of materials, and detailed 3D assembly design.

People Skills

Through acting I have gained great soft skills, specifically accountability (from the hours of rehearsals), creativity (from various character roles), and strong public speaking skills, so I thrive in a team environment. I am an excellent listener, accountable, creative, organized with a solid work ethic and a desire to excel in whatever I am doing.

My Recent Projects

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RESUME of Rose McCarver

  • Aerospace
  • Defense

Yes, marvel of flight and space is one reason to want to work in the aerospace industry, but more so is the marvel of the engineering that gets us there. Detailed design and in-depth analysis are required for every component in aerospace and defense industries  to get them not only just to function, but to do so at their highest capacity. I am especially interested in manufacturing, control systems, or design teams, but would be an innovative, enthusiastic engineering intern for a 2020-2021 summer internship or Co-Op position, hoping to continue for a full-time Mechanical Engineering position in the future.

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